Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known as the “Fragrant Harbour”.
Hong Kong has a subtropical climate with four seasons, and weather strongly influenced by two monsoons: the north-northeast monsoon from October to March and the south-southwest monsoon from April to September. Spring – from February to April – is warm and humid, with average temperatures of around 23°C.
Hong Kong has established itself as one of Asia’s dominant economic powers – and is also emerging as one of the region’s leading study destinations.
Hong Kong has long been the primary gateway to China; home to an ancient and rich culture as well as stunning natural beauty.

Why Study in Hong Kong

Why Hong Kong because you can easily travel to mainland China for sightseeing and job interviews if you plan to build your career there.
Compared to many universities in the USA and UK, the tuition fees are lower, and visa policies are more relaxed.
Honk Kong is an established education hub and ranks on the  12th of the QS rankings. Hong Kong’s status as an international finance center is in fact secured by its constitution, and it is often touted as the next Silicon Valley. Studying in HK can help you form strong social and professional connections that can be crucial while starting off your career. Crime rates in Hong Kong are among the lowest in the world; Discrimination against foreign nationals is taken seriously by local authorities and is on a downward trend.

Top universities in Kong Kong

Top courses in Hong Kong

Cost of studying in Hong Kong

International tuition fees for most courses is estimated to be between an approximate of about US$11,500 to 33,840. Further, the government provides funding for Ph.D. students through a stipend of approximately US$38,460. The government also offers scholarships to students to an approximate of about $10,300 for non-local students.